Irish Independent Weekender Article

Painter Robert Shaw in his Donabate studio

When you work on your own, you have no ‘water cooler’ moments. You have your own team of directors in your head. My wife works three days a week, so on a school day I’ll get our three kids to school. I’m up in the studio for half six – it’s when I’m at my most creative – and then the kids kick off at half seven so that’s full on. I get some painting done during the morning while the youngest is strapped to the sofa watching ‘Fireman Sam’.

It’s great when you find what I call ‘the sweet spot’, when you get more done in an hour than in a whole day of fiddling around. I work until midday, and then the afternoon can be a death spot for me, but if I’m on a roll I won’t stop. I guess you become a bit like Rain Man; always reflecting, considering, looking, absorbing.

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