About Robert Shaw

Robert Shaw – Born in Dublin – 1964

Shaw trained at the Dun Laoghaire School of Art and Design in the late nineteen eighties. He is native of Malahide, a coastal village north of Dublin city. Shaw’s studio was for nine years situated high on the most easterly point of Howth head.

From here he was inspired by the land and seascapes that stretch as far as the mountains of Mourne in the north, to the coast of Wales in the east. His work is also strongly influenced by the rich historical and spiritual heritage of the north Leinster coastline. Today he paints at his studio in Donabate and on the nearby beaches and shores.

A view from the old Howth Studio

Shaw's Work

Shaw’s paintings sensuously capture the essence of shores and estuaries before and after the storm. He uses light and reflection in a stirring way to evoke a sense of still and awe.

Distorted viewpoints and depths of tone result in a curiosity for reference, drawing one deeper into the painting. The detail in the middle ground will often unveil a few surprises. The result is an ever-changing painting.

The conjoining of the land and sun are strong symbols. We find paintings within paintings which depict the ongoing timelessness of sunrises and sunsets.

Shaw explores this sense of timelessness. The search for the big answers of life, death, heaven and earth are as relevant today as they have always been.

One is never alone when engaging the work. There is always a sense that your ‘angel’ is at your shoulder.

The artist demonstrates a gentle yet eager curiosity. He is probing for a kind of truth and insight into spirit, time and nature. Shaw’s paintings might appear to be about landscape, but they are more about identity and the human search for a sense of purpose and place unimpeded by the boundaries of time.

Shaw in his Donabate Studio
Apollo Earthwave
of Earthwave – “Breathtaking”

Dr Edgar Mitchell, Astronaut – USA – 2009

“Shaw has become a most collectable painter”

Garrett O’Connor, Irish Art Auctioneer – 2006

“The non-invasive manner and power of Shaw’s imagery makes this another major exhibition success”

Daniel Morrison, New York Art Critic – 2004

“One of Ireland’s most respected young artists, in time, destined for greatness”

Daniel Morrison, New York Art Critic – 2003